Supplementary to: 'Kurlge, Blackwood, South Australia. Journal principally entomological and general by Norman B. Tindale. 1 June 1964 to 11 August 1969. Adelaide', AA 338/1/48/2

This series contains restricted material.

This item consists of 4 magnetic tapes recorded by Norman B Tindale at Gerard (SA), 25 July 1964. On 24 July Tindale met three men who, years previously, had been taken by missionaries at Ooldea (SA) to live at the Gerard Mission. They were Daniel Mudu, Jimmy James, and Wally Mandjakura. In his field journal Tindale noted: 'all three claimed to speak Pitjandjara but Wally Mandyakura was Wirtjapakandja, because he was from the 'Ranges', the others were ŋalia' (p. 621). On returning the following day, Tindale recorded on tape two of the men (Mudu and James) singing and talking about songs relating to areas north of Ooldea. Note, however, that in annotations on tape boxes Tindale described Mudu and James as Kokata men. The following contents descriptions are taken from Tindale's annotations on the tape boxes:
AA 338/11/27/
Reel 1

  • 'Henry on bullroarer from Jalukari and how he ignored message on it and remained at Gerard; Mudu tells of his history; Kokata men from N of Nullarbor and S of Anmaŋo. These men escaped initiation by being taken by missionaries to Gerard. They were therefore 'grown up children' in their knowledge of former life, 25 July 1964
    [CD 1. Tracks 1-11. Tape No. 9692; TT153; Reel 1/12]

Reel 2
  • Data from Mudu, Kokata, North of Nullarbor Plain at Anmaŋo; song: Ma:pupinma of Pleiades, refers to Jula place Anmaŋo; Mudu speaks of Kurubaru (magpie) and opens with a song between Anmaŋo and Kulan, 25 July 1964
    [CD 2. Tracks 1-20. Tape No. 9692; TT153 & Tape No. 9693; TT154; Tape 2/13]

Reel 3
  • Discussion on djimari (continued), Kokata, Anmaŋo North of Nullarbor Plain, 25 July 1964
    [CD 3. Tracks 1-15. Tape No. 9693; TT154; Reel 3/14]

Reel 4
  • Mudu sings a song which may be heard by all people. Kokata songs from the Nullarbor, 25 July 1964
    [CD 4. Tracks 1-15. Tape No. 9693; TT155; Reel 4/15]

Tindale Tribes: Kokata; Pitjandjara.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/11/27/CDs 1-4
Date Range1964  -  1964
Quantity   4   x 5 inch magnetic tapes, 4 access CDs
Series AA338/11
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