Harold Davies series; Simpson Desert 1962; Crabtree pressure flaking; F. Bordes Extracts; Songs from Arnhem Land

Archive Collections / Dr Norman Barnett Tindale / Series AA338/11 / Harold Davies series; Simpson Desert 1962; Crabtree pressure flaking; F. Bordes Extracts; Songs from Arnhem Land

This item consists of 7 magnetic tapes considered by Norman B Tindale to be part of his 'personal and study series' of tapes. They arrived at the South Australian Museum after his death in 1993. As indicated below, some of the tapes were recorded by Tindale, while others were acquired from other sources.

These tapes have not been transferred to digital format.

The following contents descriptions are based on annotations in Tindale's hand on the tape boxes:
AA 338/11/31/

  1. 'Interview with MC Nevin 1964 on 5 Apr. on eve of her departure for Europe & description of Arunta (Simpson) Desert by NBT 1963', 1 x 3 inch reel

  2. 'Tindale account of events Oct. 11-12 1962 at T19, Simpson Desert, N[orthern] Terr[itory]', 1 x 3 inch reel

  3. 'N B Tindale personal tape research. Kimberly, Idaho 10 July 1967. Discussions with Don Crabtree, Kimberly, Idaho 10 July 1967 on pressure flaking of Kimberley points. See Tindale Colorado and Calif[ornia] Journ[al], p.533', 1 x 4 inch reel

  4. 'Don Crabtree's comments on pressure flaking film from N W Australia, made Los Angeles Calif., 22 Feb 1968. Second voice is that of N B Tindale', 1 x 3 inch reel

  5. 'Francois Bordes: comments during showing of pressure flaking film of Kitja and Djaru tribesmen at Moolabulla, N W Australia, 1953 (see N B Tindale's Colorado & California Journal v.2, p.669 et seq.). N B Tindale comments 6 Feb. 1982 start near ½ on 2nd side'. The latter consist of a summary of the tape contents by Tindale owing to the poor quality of the recording, 1 x 4 inch reel

  6. 'Harold Davies' aboriginal songs. Prepared by H. Davies after 1928 Expedition to Koonibba [SA]'. This tape contains a copy of wax cylinder recordings and commentaries made by EH Davies after the University of Adelaide's Board for Anthropological Research's expedition to Koonibba (SA) in 1928.
    Side 2 contains a copy of George Watson's 'Story of Mamu (Wardibara) man who was a cannibal and lived in a cave on the Upper Innisfail River, N. Queensland', recorded by Jack Doolan (See S. A. Museum Speech and Sound Collections register entry AS 717), 1 x 3 ¾ inch reel

  7. 'Songs from Arnhem Land'. This tape is apparently a copy of Lester Richard Hiatt's (see AA 133) original recording of 1966, 1 x 5 inch reel.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/11/31/Tapes 1-7
Quantity   1   x shoebox containing 7 x magnetic tapes (various sizes)
Series AA338/11