'John Greenway series'

This item consists of 2 magnetic tapes considered by Norman B Tindale to be part of his 'personal and study series' of tapes. They arrived at the South Australian Museum after his death in 1993. John Greenway, an American anthropologist, accompanied Tindale on a number of fieldtrips in South and Western Australia in the 1960s.

These tapes have not been transferred to digital format.

The following contents descriptions are drawn from annotations in Tindale's hand on the tape boxes:
AA 338/11/32/

  1. 'John Greenway, Prof of Anthropology, University of Colorado (noted singer), Hillbilly Songs USA, c.1962'

  2. 'Brunch at the Fort Morrison, Colorado 23 April, 1967
    Announcement by John Greenway of DSc hon caus. being bestowed on N B Tindale; Hopi Indian song; Hopi drum song; Sam Arnold; Hopi commentary; John Greenway on guitar; John & Joan Greenway on auto harp, Sam Arnold accompaniment on saw; Sam Arnold saw solo; list of guests; conferring of DSc degree U of C 9 June 1967'.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/11/32/Tapes 1-2
Date Range1962  -  1967
Quantity   1   x shoebox containing 2 x 5 inch magnetic tape reels
Series AA338/11