Tape records (journals)

This item consists of two journals used by NB Tindale from 1963-1988 to keep track of his later magnetic tape and VCR recordings. Tindale wrote the following preface to the first volume: 'I decided to keep a separate journal for incidental tape records other than ones on specific expeditions etc & to list these others here with references to the notebooks etc in which they occur'.
The two volumes are entitled:

  1. Tape Records Journal, volume 1, 1963-1977

  2. VCR and Tape Records Journal, volume 2, 1977-1988

Volume 1 contains the following headings:

  • 'Wongkanguru tribe data from Mick Mclean recorded 26 Aug.1963'

  • 'Interview with Mr John Irrgang, aged survivor of the Killalapannina Mission'

  • 'Tape Records from Palm Island'

  • 'Tape Recordings since my Retirement in Oct 1965'.

Volume 1 also contains notes and correspondence relating to Tindale's speech and sound collection as well as loose papers.

Volume 2 contains a record of magnetic tapes and VCR tapes made 1977-1988, information on Chris Long's work on transferring Tindale's wax cylinder recordings to magnetic tape c1980, correspondence relating to the speech and sound collection and other notes. The volume also contains a loose partial index.

Tindale Tribes: Wongkanguru; Dieri.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/12/2
Date Range1963  -  1988
Quantity 8.5cm,   1   x type 2 box containing 2 journals
FormatsNotebooks, Loose Notes
Series AA338/12
Tindale Tribes: