Tape records (papers)

This item includes a group of papers kept by NB Tindale in a ring-bound folder entitled: 'Tape Records: Song, Speech, Lists'. These papers include tape transcripts, descriptions of recordings, records of tape duplication, correspondence and related documentation. To this a number of additional papers have been added by the archive (AA338/12/3/2-5), as described below. Note that the papers in this item refer to wax cylinder, acetate disc and magnetic tape recordings.

  1. 'Tape Records: Song, Speech, Lists'

  2. Correspondence between NB Tindale and Jack Doolan relating to Palm Island (Qld), 1963-1964

  3. Transcript of John Irrgang interview about the Dieri tribe, 1964

  4. Transcript of conversation on early archaeology in Australia, 1984

  5. Transcript of 'Songs by Milerum', 1937

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/12/3
Date Range1921  -  1984
Quantity 8.5cm,   1   x type 2 box
Series AA338/12