'Map of the Commonwealth of Australia'

'Australian Tribes based on field data Norman B Tindale 15 August 1939'.

Large cloth-backed colour map of Australia contains 'tribal' names and boundaries in india and red ink (refer to the map for names of groups represented.) Annotations are 'based on field data' recorded by Tindale. A later note at top reads: 'See published 1st ed. 1941' (see series 338/17). The full title on reverse is obscured by cloth backing. Published by Department of the Interior, Canberra, in 1937. Scale 3 1/2 inches (approx) = 300 miles or 11 cm = 600 km (see also map 338/15/63).

This item contains references to: New South Wales; Northern Territory; Queensland; South Australia; Tasmania; Victoria; Western Australia.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/15/65
Date Range1939  -  1941
Quantity   1   map, 77.0x102.0 cm
Series AA338/15