'Symon [Hundred of], Co. Grey'

Supplementary to: 'Journal of Researches in the South East of S. Australia by Norman B. Tindale. Volume III. 1938-1956 with index and sundry notes' (AA 338/1/33/3).

Annotated linen-backed topographical map of Hundred of Symon, County Grey located between Beachport and Furner. Contains annotations in water colour (possibly by Tindale) and pencil. Tindale noted locations of archaeological sites (Symon Sites) southeast of Woakwine Station. A portion of Woakwine Range is sketched in pencil. For reference to excavation see journal AA 338/1/33/3, p. 173, 19 February 1947. (See related article, 'South Australian Microlithic Stone implements', by Thomas Draper Campbell (see AA 52) and Herbert Vander Vord Noone in Records of the South Australian Museum, 1943, 7(3), pp. 281-307.) Scale 2 inches = 1 mile (80 chains). See also maps 338/16/36-38, 338/24/80 and 338/24/87.

This item contains references to: South Australia.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/16/39
Date Range1939  -  1947
Quantity   1   map, 65.5x68.5 cm
Series AA338/16