'Hundred of Paringa' - Copies of original plans

Supplementary to: 'Canberra and California Journal by Norman B. Tindale. Volume 8. 1 Janurary to 1982 to 6 April 1983. Palo Alto, California' (AA 338/1/53/8).

Photocopies of three annotated sheets of various sections from original plans of the Hundred of Paringa near Loxton on the Murray River (published c. 1895). Tindale's notes in black pen on reverse of each explains that maps were received 2 April 1983 from Peter Day, Department of Lands. Includes cross reference to Canberra and California journal, volume 8, p.493 (see 338/1/53/8). A note attached to sheet 3 of 3 reads: 'Place names noted NBT'. Scale 4 inches = 80 chains (approx).

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/16/51/1-3
Date Range1983  -  1983
Quantity   3   maps, 29.5x53.0 cm
Series AA338/16