'Tribal Boundaries in Aboriginal Australia. 1974'

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'Australia N.W. [Northwest] Sheet, Tribal Boundaries Map' Supplementary to: 'Canberra and California Journal by Norman B. Tindale. Volume 8. 1 January 1982 to 6 April 1983. Palo Alto, California' (AA 338/1/53/8).

Notes in pencil refer to 'Kartangaruru (McConnell)'. '[L]ines drawn by David Nash to defend a new tribe 22 Nov. 80.' refer to 'Walmanpa' tribe in Northern Territory. Additional notes refer to a letter received by Tindale from Kim Akerman on 9 March 1982, and a letter from Dick Kimber on 26 April 1982 re a route across Arunta Desert (see Tindale's 'Anthropology letters', 1982, vol.1. See also journal 338/1/53/8, p.125). Mandu Mandu Creek in Western Australia is noted in red followed by citation to article by 'K Morse' published in 1988. A note on reverse reads: 'Australia NW top Tribes Geo II version'. This map is part of a four sheet set used by Tindale (maps 338/19/5-8).

This item contains references to: Northern Territory; South Australia; Western Australia.

Tindale Tribes: Bingongina; Ildawongga; Jinigudira; Kokatja; Walpiri; Waramanga.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/19/6
Date Range1974  -  1988
Quantity   1   map, 89.0x114.0 cm
Series AA338/19