'Tribal Boundaries in Aboriginal Australia. 1974'

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'Australia N.E. [Northeast] Sheet, Tribal Boundaries Map'

Annotations include the addition of Jirthangedl 'tribe' and boundary correction to Kandju and Wikmunkun 'tribes' in Cape York, Queensland. Tarawala 'tribe' adjacent to Kuungkari in central Queensland is also added in red. Notes on reverse read: 'Australia NE top Geo II version' and 'NE Copy with corrections N.B.T.' This map is part of a four sheet set used by Tindale (maps 338/19/5-8).

This item contains references to: Northern Territory; Queensland; South Australia.

Tindale Tribes: Kandju; Kuungkari; Wikmunkan.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/19/7
Date Range1974  -  1974
Quantity   1   map, 89.0x114.0 cm
Series AA338/19