'Folsom Implements from Clovis, NM.
1) 33.31.134 Lake S of gravel pit near extinct bison bones. SW of Clovis
Mus Exp. EB. Howard 1933
Penn Univ Mus
2) 37-26.39 "scrapper" c'-9 South Clovis NM
3) biface no 33.36.11 Gravel pit nr. Clovis plowed out of blue clay with mammoth tooth at gravel pit
EB Howard 1933
Penn. Univ Mus visit 9 Feb 46'

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/44/195
Date Range09 February, 1946  -  09 February, 1946
Quantity   1   35mm colour slide
Series AA338/44