'Vocabularies: Victoria, N.S.W.'

This shoebox contains vocabularies for the following:

  • 'Marditjali' (0.3 cm);

  • 'Ngunawal, NSW' (2 cm);

  • 'Jaara, Victoria' (0.1 cm);

  • 'Kirrae, Victoria' (0.1 cm);

  • 'Gunditjmara, Victoria' (0.2 cm);

  • 'Kula, NSW' (0.8 cm);

  • 'Barkindji, NSW' (0.9 cm);

  • 'Wotjobaluk, V.' (2.9 cm);

  • 'Wurundjeri' (0.1 cm); and

  • 'Maraura Tribe, NSW' (7.7 cm)

Note that most of the data is drawn from published literature sources. Many of the Maraura entries, however, are drawn from Tindale's manuscript materials. Note also that many of the cards are colour coded and are not filed according to their tribal category, so some of the volume estimates provided here offer only an approximate guide.

Tindale Tribes: Marditjali; Ngunawal; Jaara; Kirrae; Gunditjmara; Kula; Barkindji; Wotjobaluk; Maraura; Wurundjeri.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/7/1/24
Date Range1931  -  1991
Quantity 16.5cm,   1   shoebox, approx. 15.1 cm of cards
Series AA338/07