The cards compiled in this box relate to Tindale's concern with using vocabulary to map distributional patterns of cultural and natural phenomena across Australia. Header cards include: Resins; Scrub, Forest; Native Plants useful; Acacia; Bottle Brush; Bunya Pine; Burrawong; Capparis; Casuarina; Chenopods; Eucalypt; Excarpos; Fern; Fibre Supplying; Fruit Bearing; Fig Tree; Grasses; Grass Porcupine; Kurrajong; Nettle; Nicotiana; Pigface; Pigweed; Pine Callitris; Quandong; Roots incl Microseris; Rush; Shrubs; Solanum; Tea Tree; Thistle; Vine, lawyer; Water Plants; Yams and Roots; Unsorted; Literature Native Plants; Plants: C Aust. 1956. Each of these sections can be thought of as being organised according to either of two principles: subject or word. 'Grasses', for example, is a subject heading, as oppsed to 'Bottle Brush', which lists equivalent terms in Aboriginal languages for 'bottle brush'. Note also that the section 'Literature Native Plants' contains a few bibliographic cards (0.5 cm). Based on published literature sources but Tindale has also drawn from his manuscript materials.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/7/1/29
Date Range1930  -  1991
Quantity 16.5cm,   1   shoebox, approx. 21.5 cm of cards
Series AA338/07