The full title reads: 'Botany II: Resins; Gums; Food; Xanth.'

The cards compiled in this box relate to Tindale's concern with using vocabulary to map distributional patterns of cultural and natural phenomena across Australia. Header cards include: Resin Yielding; Acacia; Eucalypts; Evodia; Callitris; Exocarp.; Grevillea; Leschenaultia; Myopor.; Santalum; Triodia; Xanth.; Gums and Resins; Lerp; Odd; Food Animal; Food Vegetable; Botany Lepidoptera; Plants by Genera.

Note that there are several xeroxed pages from two published articles by John Burton Cleland (see AA 60) and Cleland & Thomas Harvey Johnston (see AA 161) listing Aboriginal names for plants and some working notes filed at the front of box. (These articles are 'Some Botanical features of the District between Cockatoo Creek and Alice Springs, Central Australia', Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, Vol.56, 1932, pp. 36-8 and 'The Ecology of the Aborigines of Central Australia; Botanical Notes', Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, Vol.57, 1933, pp. 113-34, respectively.) Note also that under 'Plants by Genera' is a set of string-bound cards entitled: 'list of plants and native names at Haast Bluff Aug. 1956'. Based on published literature sources, but Tindale has also drawn from his manuscript materials.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/7/1/30
Date Range1931  -  1991
Quantity 16.5cm,   1   shoebox, approx. 28 cm of cards
Series AA338/07