Aranda, Central Australia

Drawer 1 of 2. The cards in this drawer are the first part (A-R) of Tindale's English translation of an Aranda/Luritja/German vocabulary provided to him by Rev. Hermann Adolf Heinrich at Hermannsburg in 1929. (Heinrich had been, for many years, a school teacher at the mission). According to Tindale the vocabulary contained 2600 Arunta and 1400 Luritja words (see journal AA 338/1/2, 'Diary of Researches 1922-1930', p.338). The first alphabet divider card contains the note: 'Hermannsburg ms. received 1929 by N.B. Tindale with German text - translated by him'. Tindale received some assistance with the German-English translation from H.K. Fry (see journal AA 338/1/2, 'Diary of Researches 1922-1930', p.345). A typical card carries an Aranda headword and an English gloss, although a number of cards contain a Kukatja (Luritja) headword and there are occassional supplementary entries drawn from Tindale's manuscript materials. It would appear that less than one third of the original 4000 entries appear in this vocabulary.

See also Ernest Eugene Kramer’s 'Vocabulary. Aranda = English. German = Loritja. Hermannsburg 9 Sept [19]25' in AA 669/2 'Notebooks, primarily relating to the study of the Aranda [Arrernte] language'. Both Heinrich and Kramer appear to draw upon the same source material.

Tindale Tribes: Aranda; Kukatja (NT).

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/7/2/1
Date Range1929  -  1930
Quantity 15.4cm,   1   metal filing drawer, approx. 29.5 cm of cards
Series AA338/07
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