Narranga, Yorke Peninsula

The cards in this drawer relate to Tindale's research at the southern Yorke Peninsula, South Australia, in 1935. At the front of the drawer is a card with the note: 'vocabulary of Southern Yorke Peninsula Natives (Narranga Tribe, South Australia) by John Howard Johnson 1898-1900. Phoneticised and arranged by Norman B. Tindale 1935, after checking with original native informant from which data was obtained'. The vocabulary consists of two sections: a general vocabulary and a set of place names. Both sections were published by Tindale in 'Notes on the Natives of the Southern Portion of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia', Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, Vol.60, 1936, pp. 55-70. In this paper, Tindale writes that in 1935 he had the opportunity to travel to Marion Bay to interview Johnson's original informant, Louisa (Eglinton), and was able to 'confirm the list of words' and place names. This meant re-recording Johnson's words using an orthographic system developed by a language committee at the University of Adelaide, of which Tindale was a member (see also Journal AA 338/1/35). Many of the cards, however, show revisions of Tindale's own spelling attempts. Cards often contain notes comparing Narranga terms with an Adelaide Tribe (Kaurna) form (see Tindale's 1936 article on this point). In the case of place names, the Kaurna forms presumably provide etymological clues. Note that two place name cards (coloured blue) include annotations in ball point pen (undated).

See also the Narangga vocabulary and place name cards in shoebox AA 338/7/1/13. These cards, relating to Tindale's South East of South Australia place names project, build upon the 1935 work by drawing on later fieldwork and other literature sources. Note that Johnson's vocabulary was originally serialised in The Pioneer of Southern Yorke Penisula newspaper from December 1930.

Tindale Tribes: Narangga; Kaurna.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/7/2/11
Date Range1935  -  1935
Quantity 15.4cm,   1   metal filing drawer, approx. 12 cm of cards
Series AA338/07
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