Dieri, South Australia, Meier [sic], 1882

The cards in this drawer relate to a Dieri vocabulary compiled by Rev. Carl August Meyer, who served at the Killalpaninna Lutheran Mission as a teacher and a minister. Meyer gave notes on the language of the Dieri tribe to Franz Xavier Carl Wilhelm Martin, who was associated with Killalpaninna Mission between 1882 and 1884. Martin lent the manuscript to the South Australian Museum in December 1933. It was missing all the words beginning with the letter 'U' and some of those beginning with the letter 'P'. The vocabulary was transcribed in January 1934 onto cards, and the manuscript returned to Martin. A note in the Museum's Register of Anthropological Documents states that 'T. Vogelsang also compiled the vocabulary on loose sheets in his own hand' (see AA 215 Meyer).

The first card in the drawer reads: 'vocabulary of the Dieri Tribe compiled by Rev. A. Meier [sic] before 1882-4 & given to F.X. Martin. All words commencing with P & U are missing (owing to loss of m.s. by F.X.M.). Transcribed Jan. 1934; annotations below are by T. Vogelsang [signed] NBT'. Another card explains that entries in the top left hand section of the cards relate to Meyer's vocabulary, with the bottom left section containing Vogelsang's 'corrected version' and comments.The cards appear to have been written by both Vogelsang and Tindale. Note that a few cards contain entries drawn by Tindale from his manuscript materials and from published literature sources.

Tindale Tribes: Dieri.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/7/2/7
Date Range1934  -  1934
Quantity 15.4cm,   1   metal filing drawer, approx. 19 cm of cards
Series AA338/07
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