Vocabulary of the Wirrangu and Kukata languages

Supplementary to: 'Research data on aboriginal tribes in Australia gathered by Norman B. Tindale. Chiefly from South, West and Central Australia. Period 1924 to 1936' (AA 338/1/29).

The 350 or so entries in this wordlist are filed alphabetically according to English gloss. Most of the Aboriginal words are marked either 'W' or 'K' or (Wirrangu or Kukata, about 50% and 25% of the words respectively), while a number are marked with a cross and usually unassigned to either 'W' or 'K'. Marginal notes provide the date of preparation, April 1929, and touch on matters of orthography and pronunciation. The first page is marked 'duplicate'; and copies of this vocabulary are found elsewhere in the Tindale collection (see AA 338/1/30).

The primary sources used by Tindale include:

  • Vocabulary provided by Charles Sullivan, Denial Bay (SA), Sept. 1927 (in journal AA 338/1/29);

  • Words provided by Robert Limb, a museum employee with a knowledge of Wirangu gained while living at Fowlers Bay between 1877-1883 (in journal AA 338/1/29); and

  • Words recorded by Tindale during a visit to Koonibba Mission in 1928 (in journal AA 338/1/5).

See Luise Hercus's A grammar of the Wirangu language from the west coast of South Australia, 1999, for a discussion of these sources. See also the paper vocabulary slips filed in AA 338/7/1/15.

Tindale Tribes: Wirangu; Kokata.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/8/14
Date Range1925  -  1929
Quantity 6cm,   1   foolscap Albox folder, 13pp. typescript with ink annotations
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