Bird Names gathered by Norman B. Tindale 1928-1929

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Full title: Bird Names gathered by Norman B. Tindale 1928-1929 with additions at Hermannsburg, Central Australia. August 1929. Adelaide and Hermannsburg 1928-1929.

This item contains pasted-in paper slips, arranged alphabetically according to Aboriginal word. The slips vary; they may contain Aranda, Kukatja, English or occasionally German words in pencil, ink or ball point pen. So far as the Aboriginal words are concerned, it would appear that those written horizontally are Aranda, while those written vertically are Kukatja. Most of the entries are drawn from Carl Friedrich Strehlow's Die Aranda-und Loritja-Stamme in Zentral-Australien, 1907-1920, which includes a parallel Aranda and Luritja vocabulary. (Tindale preferred to use 'Kukatja' rather than the latter term). Note that the penultimate slip, which contains Wirangu and Kukata entries, relates to data Tindale recorded from R Limb c. 1925.

An introductory note provides the following details: 'these names were gathered by Norman B. Tindale in preparation for the Board for Anthropological Research Expedition to Hermannsburg in August 1929. The identifications of the scientific names were checked by Mr J. Sutton, Honorary Assistant Ornithologist of the South Australian Museum, and acknowledgement of his help is to be given if the list is published'. With regard to orthography, Tindale notes: 'the script used was Geographic as given in 'Notes and Queries on Anthropology'. In 1930s change was made to recording in Int. Phonetic as adapted to Australian languages by a committee at the University of Adelaide. NBT.'

See also 'Aranda vocabulary translated by NB Tindale and also some Kukatja (Loritja)' (AA 338/8/1).

Tindale Tribes: Aranda; Kukatja (NT); Wirangu; Kokata.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/8/15
Date Range1929  -  1929
Quantity 1.1cm,   1   notebook (18.7x23.7 cm), containing 62 handwritten paper slips
Series AA338/08