Jarildekald Vocabularies

This item contains a mixture of original and revised literature materials:

  • Cardboard bound photocopied papers, 19pp., entitled: 'Vocabulary of the Jarildekald language by G. Taplin with additions and suggested corrections by Norman B. Tindale with the aid of Karlowan Ponggi of the Jarildekald tribe of Lakes Alexandrina and Albert. Copied from notes in N.B. Tindale's copy of G. Taplin (editor) The Folklore, Manners, Customs, and Languages of the South Australian Aborigines, Adelaide 1879, pages 125-141', 19 pp. Also contains introductory notes by Tindale. Note that the original annotated version of Taplin 1879 is held in Special Collections at the South Australian Museum;

  • Green bound volume, 168 pp. , entitled: 'Vocabulary of the language spoken by the Jarildekald on the southern shores of Lake Alexandrina and around Lake Albert South Australia by Norman B. Tindale based on field work and the revision of the 1879 vocabulary of George Taplin. 1987 ms'. An introduction states: 'this is a preliminary working edition of the vocabulary of the Jarildekald tribe of Lake Alexandrina reproduced from 3 x 5 cards written by this researcher as data developed from 1926 during his field work among the last full blooded Aborigines of the South East of South Australia and continuing to date.The master card file has indications of the source for each word, which have had to be omitted, in the lapping [?] for xeroxing in this copy. So far as now possible the vocabulary is that used by the people of the Jaralde or Jarildekald Tribe. Separate vocabularies are available for Tanganekald of the Coorong, & Potaruwutj for the Reedy Creek area; languages which were not noted in the early work by George Taplin. As given herein the vocabulary of Taplin (1879) has been rewritten in the International Phonetic Alphabet as used by this author (Tindale 1974). As many as possible were checked with Jarildekald persons, with Aboriginal Karlowan being regarded as the authority, where possible, during the principal research period covering the years 1926 to 1941. About one-half of the data is new or extensively revised. Norman B. Tindale. Jan.1987'. A further note touching on additions to the manuscript, orthographics and interpreting sources appears before the vocabulary. Note that this material is based on the vocabulary cards found in shoeboxes AA 338/7/1/7-11.

  • Red bound volume. A version of the green bound volume described above.

  • 1 x foolscap folder. Consists of photocopies of index cards containing a Jaraldekald vocabulary (168 pp. ) and place names (15 pp. ). The former is a general vocabulary marked '1986 ms', and extra copies of pp. 1-21 are included. This is a copy of AA 338/7/1/7-11. The latter is entited 'Yaralde (Jarildekald) tribal area'. These materials were drawn from Tindale's manuscript sources in June 1987 as a sample of his ongoing work towards creating a gazetteer of Aboriginal place names of South Australia for the Geographical Names Board of the South Australian Government (see AA 338/7/1/6). In an accompanying note Tindale states that the original was possibly stolen: 'it is suspected that the original was copied & stolen leaving the copy'.

Tindale Tribes: Jarildekald.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/8/17
Date Range1926  -  1987
Quantity 17.5cm,   1   type 2 container, with 3 bound volumes of photocopied papers, one foolscap folder.
Series AA338/08
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