Vocabulary of Narranga, SA based on the notes of J. Howard Johnson (1898-1900) with additions from Norman B. Tindale, 1935

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Supplementary to Journal: 'Notes on the Kaurna or Adelaide Tribe and the natives of Yorke Peninsula and the Middle North of South Australia by Norman B. Tindale. 1935-' (AA 338/1/35).

This item contains materials relating to an article published by Tindale in 1936 as 'Notes on the natives of the southern portion of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia', Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia, vol.60, pp. 55-69.

In 1935, Tindale travelled to Marion Bay (SA) to meet Louisa Eglinton, a Narangga speaker. With Louisa, Tindale went through a Narangga wordlist gathered by the Yorke Peninsula resident James Howard Johnson in the late nineteenth century, recording her pronunciations. Note that the published article also draws on early Kaurna records for comparative purposes.

There are 4 foolscap folders containing:

  • 23 pp. typescript booklet, with handwritten corrections and annotations by Tindale, entitled: 'Vocabulary of Southern Yorke Peninsula Natives (Narranga Tribe, South Australia) by J Howard Johnson, 1898-1900. Phoneticised and arranged by Norman B. Tindale, 1935'. Of the 23 pages, 20 contain a general vocabulary and 3 contain place names. In this draft, Tindale uses the Royal Geographical Society's system of orthography.

  • a 30 pp. unbound typescript with handwritten annotations, entitled: 'Vocabulary of the language of the southern Yorke Peninsula Natives (Narranga Tribe, South Australia) based on the notes of J. Howard Johnson (1898-1900) with additions by Norman B. Tindale, B.Sc., 1935'. Of the 30 pages, 2 contain introductory notes, 24 contain a general vocabulary, and 4 contain place names. Note that this draft employs the University of Adelaide's phonetic system and that there are other, mainly slight, differences to the draft described above.

  • 30pp. unbound typescript with handwritten annotations. This is a version of the above typescript. It includes an extra copy of the introductory notes and differs in a number of its handwritten annotations; and

  • 19 pp. loose papers, entitled: 'Vocabulary of the Southern Yorke Peninsula made by J. H. Johnson 1900, Narranga Tribe, published TRSSA 1936'. This material, written by an unidentified hand, is possibly the original or a copy of the original Narannga vocabulary collected by Johnson. One of the pages contains typescript notes entitled 'Corrobboree Yorke Peninsula', and includes handwritten annotations by Tindale. Note that this vocabulary has been relocated from files relating toTindale's late work in progress 'Aborigines of Australia II'.

See also Tindale's index card file, AA 338/7/2/11. For further details on Johnson see series AA 160.

Tindale Tribes: Narangga.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
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Date Range1935  -  1936
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