Pitjantjatjara Grammar and Vocabulary

Full title: 'Pitjantjatjara Grammar and Vocabulary (for working purposes only). Based on several sources, principally J.R.B Love 1939-1940, Trudinger, 1941-1957, Tindale 1933-1939'.

This item contains an introductory note indicating that it is 'based on texts by Trudinger, Love, Tindale, as compiled by Trudinger'. R. Trudinger and J. R. B. Love both recorded vocabularies and produced grammatical sketches during the early years of the Ernabella mission (in the Musgrave Ranges, SA). The volume consists of three sections:

  • 28pp. grammatical notes;

  • 103pp. Pitjantjatjara - English vocabulary (approx. 2000 Pitjantjatjara words); and

  • 77pp. English - Pitjantjatjara vocabulary.

The provenance of this item is not entirely clear, although it may be the document referred to by Harold More Cooper (a museum employee) in a letter to Tindale, 21.2.1959, while Tindale was lecturing in America. Cooper writes: 'Mr J. E. Johnson wishes to be remembered; he brought in a copy of Rev. Trudinger's vocabulary of the Pitjandjara Tribe with an invitation for us to copy it but I find by examining our Pitjandjara card index that it includes Trudinger's words. I will check Mr Johnson's to see if it contains any additional words but as it is a copy of that given by Trudinger to W.B. MacDougall I do not think it will provide anything new'. James Eric Johnson, a geologist for the Mines Department and amateur archaeologist, worked in the north-west of South Australia in the 1950s (see AA 159). MacDougall was a former Superintendent of the Ernabella mission and Patrol Officer. Sections of this volume are found at AA 338/8/8 - 338/8/11. See also Tindale's Pitjandjara index card files, AA 338/7/2/3 - 338/7/2/6.

Tindale Tribes: Pitjandjara.

CreatorDr Norman Barnett Tindale
ControlAA 338/8/7
Date Range1933  -  1957
Quantity 3.5cm,   1   bound volume, 211 pp. typescript
Series AA338/08
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