Film Summaries relating to BAR films 1926-1929.

Papers, film summaries and notes relating to:

  • Expedition B, Wilgena and Ooldea, South Australia, 7-21 May 1926.

  • Summary of the 'Ooldea film, Broad Track Taken by Dr Campbell and Dr A Lewis, 1927. Scenes of Aboriginal Life.' Two copies, one of which was in the TD Campbell Collection (AA 52/6/5) and was incorporated into the BAR collection in December 2005. This item consists of 4 foolscap pages, with annotations. Film summaries of individual reels 'Film B', 'Film K' and 'Film J.' This item consists of 9 foolscap pages, with annotations. The original boxes for these films are in (AA 346/9/27/15)
  • Expedition C, Macumba, South Australia, and Alice Springs [Stuart], Central Australia [Northern Territory], 30 December 1926 - 19 January 1927.

  • Summary Entitled 'Titles of original University Cent. Aust. 35mm film. May give a clue to sequence and content of film scraps.' This item consists of 40 pieces of paper measuring 21.5 x 9.0 cm. Film summaries of individual reels 'Film L,' 'Film O,' 'Film N,' 'Film A,' 'Film P,' 'Film H,' 'Film D,' 'Film M,' 'Film I,' 'Film Q,' 'Film S,' 'Film F,' 'Film G,' 'Film H.' This item consists of 31 foolscap pages, with annotations.
  • Expedition E, Hermannsburg, Central Australia [Northern Territory], 4-23 August 1929.

  • Film summary entitled 'Film R. Hermannsburg Ceremonies. Photo by NB Tindale.' (AA 338) This item consists of 3 foolscap pages, with annotations. Registration for copyright ownership for a cinematographic production entitled 'Natives of Central Australia; Arunta and Luritya [Kukatja (NT)] Tribes.' Dated 11 November 1929. This item is one foolscap page.

CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
ControlAA 346/9/27/1
Date Range07 May, 1926  -  23 August, 1929
Quantity 6cm,   1   Albox folders
FormatsLoose Notes
Series AA346/09