Film Collection Catalogues, Reports and Papers

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This box contains Board for Anthropological Research (BAR) film catalogues including:

  • Manuscripts and drafts of the 'Board for Anthropological Research, University of Adelaide Catalogue of 16mm Films' by NB Tindale (AA 338). Dated 15/4/1937. This catalogue includes the title of the reel, summary of contents, length of the film, cinematographer and notes on associated publications. This item contains drafts, notes, annotated copies and the published catalogue of 16mm films. Accession No's 65, 73, 74, 75, 1020. The BAR catalogue comprises 8 pages.

  • One typed foolscap copy of 'South Australian Museum Catalogue of Cine-Films' Dated 18 Oct 1940. Annotations in pencil and ink. Includes the negative number, title, summary of contents, length of film, cinematographer, and remarks. It is noted that a certain number of these negatives do not belong to The South Australian Museum. Films included in this list are 'Natives of Princess Charlotte Bay' (AA 124), 'The Toolach Wallaby' (SAMA 1058), 'Shaggery at Port Gawler,' 'In Search of Leichardt' (AA 228) and 'The Australian Pelican'. This item comprises 2 pages.

  • One typed foolscap copy of 'Board for Anthropological Research Catalogue of 16mm Films' No Date. No Annotations. These relate to three BAR colour films. This item comprises of 15 pages. Housed in foolscap mylar sleeve. This item compises 8 pages.

  • Typed copies of 'The University of Adelaide Films on the life and habits of the Australian Aboriginal.' relating to three BAR colour films. Dated 9 July 1957. Annotations in NB Tindale's hand. This item comprises 24 pages.

  • One typed foolscap copy of a 'Summary of films held by Department Anthropology and Archaeology, South Australian Museum.' This list included information such as the producer of the film, title, sponsor, date, negative, and the number of copies. This list includes both Board for Anthropological Reaear films and also other South Australian Museum film collections. No Date, annotated with black felt tip pen. This item comprises 3 pages.

  • Audit report of the South Australian Museum film collections. These pages are dated June 1949 and July 1952. This item consists of 5 pages in total.

  • South Australian Anthropology Archives Film Inventory, January 1990. By Andrew Hughes. This item is typewritten with annotations. This item comprises of 151 pages, housed in a mylar sleeve.
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