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This item contains:

  • Handwritten directions for the film splice sequence for the Board for Anthropological Research Expedition at Diamantina, South Australia, 1934. This item consists of three pages, which are several feet long rolled into a scroll.

  • Card index 'Complete Catalogue of 16mm Films Negs. Exped[iditions] F - K inclusive.' These cards are not in expedition order but are ordered by reel number [i.e. all reel 1's are followed by reels 2 etc.] There also appears to be several different sets, or drafts, of cards. There are 104 cards in total, and one envelope. The cards measure: 11.8cm x 7.4cm. This item was previously Accession No.1020.

  • Seven carbon copy sheets from a Roneograph. Used in the printing of 'Adelaide University 16mm Film Catalogue' ['A. Gestefner,' brand paper]

  • Blue foolscap binder. Annotation on the spine 'Film.' [Empty]

  • Green foolscap binder. Annotation on the spine 'Films 16mm Descriptions NB Tindale.' [Empty]

  • Burgundy foolscap binder. Annotation on the spine 'Data Films.' [Empty]

  • One foolscap mylar sleeve containing numerous papers comprising film borrowing cards, notes on selling copying and splicing film, small handwritten cardboard signs, three handwritten signs for place names used in the MacDonald Downs Travelogue Reel, one blank anthropometric data card, camera instruction manuals, delivery notes, cost estimates, notes on film related matters by NB Tindale and others.

  • Type set piece, for 'Stanley B Harry.'
  • CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
    ControlAA 346/9/27/13
    Quantity 44cm,   1   Albox, Size 10
    Series AA346/09