Original Film Boxes with Annotations

This item contains original film boxes with annotations, relating to Board for Anthropological Research (BAR) expeditions to:

  • Wilgena and Ooldea, South Australia, 1926.

  • Macumba, South Australia and Alice Springs, Northern Territory, 1926-1927.

  • Hermannsburg, Central Australia [Northern Territory], 1929.

  • MacDonald Downs, Central Australia [Northern Territory], 1930.

  • Ooldea, South Australia, 1939.

  • Yuendumu, Central Australia [Northern Territory] Stone Implement Making, 1951.

  • Haasts Bluff, Northern Territory 1956-1957. Offcuts & Titles.

  • Bentinck and Mornington Islands, Queensland, 1960.

  • Rawlinson Range Western Australia and Mount Davies, South Australia, 1963.

  • Gulf of Carpentaria [Mornington, Bentinck and Palm Islands] Queensland, 1963.

  • Musgrave Ranges, North West of South Australia [and adjacent parts of Western Australia], 1966.

CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
ControlAA 346/9/27/15
Date Range1926  -  1966
Quantity 21.5cm,   1   Albox, Box Size 1
Series AA346/09