Film Summaries relating to BAR films 1930-1933.

Unpublished manuscript and notes towards 'Natives of Central Australia and the Great Western Desert: A Descriptive Account of the 16mm films of the Board for Anthropological Research.' by NB Tindale (AA 338), 1937.

Handwritten introduction, multiple typewritten and carbon copies with annotations, and notes. Dated 1937, final annotations 1974. Note that not all copies are complete. Contained throughout are additional notes, and drafts. Multiple incomplete copies with annotations. The manuscript contains a title page, two page introduction and summaries of the films for the following BAR expedition films:

  • Expedition F, MacDonald Downs, Central Australia [Northern Territory], 17 August - 11 September 1930.

  • Expedition G, Cockatoo Creek, Central Australia [Northern Territory] 6-27 August, 1931.

  • Expedition H, Mt. Liebig, Central Australia [Northern Territory], 4-25 August, 1932.

  • Expedition I, Mann Range, South Australia, 25 May - 6 August 1933.

  • Expedition I, Ernabella, South Australia, 7 - 24 August 1933.

CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
ControlAA 346/9/27/3
Date Range1930  -  1933
Quantity 6cm,   1   Albox folders
Series AA346/09