Film Summaries relating to BAR films 1938-1966.

Film summaries, reports and notes relating to:

  • Expedition N: Harvard and Adelaide Universities Anthropological Expedition in 1938-1939. Films notes compiled from NB Tindale's Harvard Adelaide Expedition Journals (AA 338/15/1-2). This item has multiple annotations in pencil in NB Tindale's hand. These notes list individual film reels 1 to 38 with a breakdown by letter [i.e. 15a, 21cc] which identifies a particular section of film, its contents, quality of the film and its proposed use in the films for the Children's Museum.

  • Expedition O, Ooldea, South Australia, 15-26 August, 1939.

  • Expedition P: Yueudumu, Central Australia [Northern Territory], 1951.

  • Expedition Y: Haasts Bluff, Central Australia [Northern Territory],1956.

  • Expedition AB: Haasts Bluff, Central Australia [Northern Territory],1957.

  • Expedition R: University of California Los Angles and University of Adelaide Anthropological Expedition 1952-1954.

  • Expedition AN: Rawlinson Range (Western Australia), and Mount Davies (South Australia) November 1963.

  • Expedition AS: North West of South Australia and Adjacent Parts of Western Australia. February 1966.

There is also notes towards an unmade film 'Wood and Stone Tool Technology Film.' Typewritten copies of notes with annotations, believed to be in NB Tindale's and TD Campbell's (AA 52) hand.

CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
ControlAA 346/9/27/6
Date Range1938  -  1966
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