Film Correspondence, Papers etc.

Paperwork relating to the BAR film collection. This item consists of invitations to film screenings; letters and telegrams requesting the loan of BAR films; newspaper clippings; reports and general correspondence filed alphabetically from the sender. Correspondents include: RM Berndt (AA 722), JB Cleland (AA 60), JS Collings, EA Collins, C Duguid (AA 79), F Eaton, AP Elkin (AA 86), C Fenner, FJ Fenner (AA 91), JA FitzHerbert, WK Gregory, HM Hale (AA 124), CJ Hackett (AA 122), MF Hickey, EA Hooton, TH Johnston (AA 161), JC Leask (AA 175), U McConnel (AA 191), CP Madigan, CP Mountford (AA 228), WR Penhall, O Pink, SD Porteus, TGH Strelow (AA 316), JD Somerville (AA 297), NB Tindale, CM Ward amongst others.

This item is contained within two folders.

  1. Correspondence: A - H.

  2. Correspondence: I - Z.

This item was previously part of the 'A + A Correspondence' of The South Australian Museum Collection (AA 298) and was transferred into the BAR Collection (AA346) in January 2006.

CreatorBoard for Anthropological Research
ControlAA 346/9/27/7
Date Range1936  -  1947
Quantity 12cm,   2   Albox folders
Series AA346/09