Photographic Prints taken by Dr WD and Mrs MV Walker

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  1. Australian Aboriginal boy. Annotated "137. He has eaten as much kangaroo, as he can hold. With the Aboriginal it is eather a 'feast' or a 'famine'. He saves nothing and makes no provision for tomorrow"

  2. Australian Aboriginal woman with baby in pichi. Annotated 139. The Loritja tribe carry the picaninnies in bark 'pichis'. They are lithe and wiry and their legs are almost 'spindley' but they have wonderful endurance and can walk 50 miles a day" see also slide marked "33. Gin (Australian Aboriginal woman) with baby in coolamon"

  3. Australian Aboriginal man (and boy) at rock waterhole. Annotated "140. The Aborigines know every 'soak' and rockhole' for miles and miles. A white man would walk within 2 or 3 yards of water and perish without finding it. Here a small 'wei' (black boy) is descending a well concealed rockhole"

  4. Australian Aboriginal man drinking. Annotated "141. Wild Aboriginal drinking from waterhole 250 miles West of Alice Springs"

  5. three Australian Aboriginal men sitting on river bank. Annotated "144. Wild Aborigines in North Australia. This is 'Attack Creek' about 1450 miles North of Adelaide. It was here that about 500 hostile natives menaced John McDouall Stuart in 1860 and forced him to return - on his second attempt to cross Australia"

  6. three Australian Aboriginal men in river. Annotated "145. 'Myall' Aborigines at Attack Ck 1450 miles North of Adelaide. Here they are entering the water and with only their noses protruding will steal upon wild duck 300 yards away"

Tindale Tribes: Kukatja (NT); Maiawali.

CreatorDr William Delano Walker
ControlAA 357/2/67/11 A-F
Date Range1923  -  1930
Quantity 0.1cm,   7   photographs, 80x80mm lantern slides
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA357/02
Tindale Tribes: