Dr William Delano Walker personal diaries


Dr Walker, a medical practitioner, observed and treated a variety of people for an array of illinesses, ranging from dental problems to venerial disease during his travels and professional life, some of which is documented in his diaries. He and Mrs Walker also observed and described some Australian Aboriginal ceremonial activity and associated materials.

A loose leaf diary detailing WD Walker's daily life including study, medical duties, travel and personal routine. This item covers locations around Algebuckina, Oodnadatta South Australia and Alice Springs Northern Territory.

References to photographs taken include:

  • railway bridge at Algebuckina 1 December 1927

  • Allandale homestead and environs, the creek, an Australian Aboriginal horse, breaker 3 December 1927

  • Mollie, at piano and WD Walker dealing with correspondence at Sam Irvine's house 6 December 1927

  • loading 400 cattle at Oodnadatta onto rail cars 8 December 1927

  • Hamilton Bore and crossing, wool, bales on camel back, 40 camels with Australian Aboriginal men and Afghans 17 December 1927

  • Australian Aboriginal men drawing and carrying water on heads, 100 camels and their load, various crossings between New Crown and Maryvale 18 December 1927

  • Ralph Carlson's camp including printee, shield, boomerangs, human hair string, ceremony 20 December 1927. This item is restricted.

  • Australian Aboriginal prisoners in the gaol 21 December 1927. This item is restricted.

  • the bungalow (Australian Aboriginal) kids at breakfast 22 December 1927

  • Splinter (Australian Aboriginal man) and family near Barrow Creek, making fire 23 December 1927

  • Australian Aboriginal people in various poses including throwing boomerangs and spear, at small ducks and in the water near Banka 25 December 1927

  • Australian Aboriginal burial in tree at Powell Creek (burial site), Australian Aboriginal sports, Sarah (head waitress Powell Creek), Australian Aboriginal people 26 December 1927. This item is restricted.

  • Mr Bonning hide and thong beds at Helen Springs 27 December 1927

  • poison weed (Belladonna) notice near WycliffeNT, Mr Ambrose, Charlie Berg, Mr Crook, Bob Purvis, turkey, Mollie, 29 December 1927

  • turkey, Ti Tree, Mr He Herman, goats, camels, Australian Aboriginal people, Miss Locke (AA 186), granuloma, whooping cough, Toby (Australian Aboriginal man) 30 December 1927. This item is restricted.

  • the bungalow, Mrs Anderson, Mr Kramer (German missionary) (AA 669) 31 December 1927

Individuals, subject matter and locations noted include:

  • Algebuckina, Mr Standley, Mr Quigley, Mr McLean, Adam Hull 1 December 1927

  • Mt Dutton, Coppertop Range 2 December 1927

  • Boothanna, Mt Dutton, Allandale homestead, North Creek railway bridge, Mr Hazball, Oonadatta, Mr and Mrs Rice, Mr Jones, Sam Irvine, Mrs Giles 3 December 1927

  • Mr Foggarty (storekeeper), Chong (storekeeper), Mrs Giles, Mr Jones, Mr Corbett, Sr Sinclair, Sr McNeil, Sr Caldrewood 5 December 1927

  • Mrs Garlin, Mrs Giles 6 December 1927

  • George Bagot 7 December 1927

  • Mrs Sands, Carl Wills (opal miner), Jim Mitchell, fossils, saTodmorden track, Mrs Garlin, Mrs Giles, Miss Rice, Mr Knight, Sr Sinclair, Sr Caldrewood, Mr Foggarty, hudson car, Mrs Wilkinson 8 December 1927 saTodmorden

  • Billy McCoy, Powell Creek 9 December 1927

  • Phil Windle, Sam Irvine, Billy McCoy, Mollie, Mrs Giles, Mr Hersey 10 December 1927

  • Sam Irvine, Billy McCoy 11 December 1927,

  • Afghan Express, Don Mcrae, Mr and Mrs Francis, Miss Rice, Mollie, Poddy Hole, Baden (Australian Aboriginal man), Mr James, Billy McCoy, Powells Creek 12 December 1927

  • Billy McCoy, Jim Mitchell, Mrs Giles, Mollie, Jim Olssen, Scoundrel Bob (Australian Aboriginal man), Parkside 13 December 1927. This item is restricted.

  • Charlie Brown, Mrs Bob Hayball went to school with WD Walker senior and Aunty Nell 14 December 1927

  • Macumba, Mr Hayball, Mr Birgo 16 December 1927

  • New Crown Point, Mr Rice, Australian Aboriginal people, Dr Tighe, Mr Timms (contractor), Billy McCoy, graham truck, Mr Drayton mining writer, Smith's Weekly, Tennants Creek, gold, Parallana, telegraph line, Mr Timms, Arltunga, Albarga Crossing, cars, Mr Freer, New Crown, Sid Kidman, news clippings from the Adelaide Chronicle dated 9 July 1931 and 13 August 1931 relating to letters to the editor about Mrs Aenaes Gunn author of 'We of the Never Never' citing The Fizzer (Mr Harry V Peckham), J McLeod, Allandale, Mr Hayball, Mr Underdown, Charlie Brown 17 December 1927

  • Maryvale, Reo truck, Afghan-crossing, Horseshoe Bend, Mrs Elliot, Finke River, Davis Well crossing, Denys Whites crossing, Phil Windle 18 December 1927

  • Maryvale, Alice Springs, Billy Hayes, Sr Potts, Mr Bob Pellew, Billy McCoy, Mrs Johansen, camels, Dodge car, wild turkey, Mr Geisler, Mrs Kilgaris, Sam Irvine, Mr Dayton, Sgt Stott, police officer, Mr Littlejohn, Australian Aboriginal people, Jim Mitchell, Mr Campbell (Alice Springs), Mr Kaywood, Sgt Stott 19 December 1927

  • Mr Cawood, Mrs Standly, Ralph Carlson, Fauna Board, the Bungalow, children (Australian Aboriginal people), Jay Creek, Lake Amadaus, Mann Range, Peterman Range, ceremony, contraception, the little Fizzer, Mrs Aenaes Gunn, Mr and Mrs Draper (Bond Springs station), Sgt Stott, police officer 20 December 1927. This item is restricted.

  • Afghan gardner, Mr Littlejohn police officer 21 December 1927

  • Barrow Creek, McDonnel Ranges, Joan Roper, whooping cough, infantile paralasis, Sr Pope, Sr Small, O'Connors Well, Geo Ashton, Old Man Nicker, Bill Ray, Ti Tree, Miss Locke, Hardings Soak, Skull Creek, Australian Aboriginal massacre, Barrow Creek, Arunta tribe, Wougapitiha tribe, Loritja tribe 22 December 1927. This item is restricted.

  • Barrow Creek, WycliffeNT, Mr Spencer (Stirling station), acquired boomerang, spear, thrower, fire sticks from Splinter (Australian Aboriginal man), Trans Continental Telegraph line, Aboriginal attack on Barrow Creek 1874, John L Stapleton (Station master) and John Franks (Linesman), Bill Hayes, dingo, Mrs McCoy, Mr Crook 23 December 1927

  • Singleton, ant hills, kangaroo, turkey, belladonna, Tennant Creek gold, mine, Mr Ambrose, Banka, Mrs Bonninge from Helen Springs, Barrow Creek picnic horse, races, Jack Young, Mrs McCoy, Charlie Berg, Homeward Bound gold, mine 24 December 1927

  • Attack Creek, Banka, Powell Creek, Helen Creek, Stuart armed Australian Aboriginal people, boomerangs, spear, stone knives, traded tobacco for weapons, Mr ,Windley and Jim Banning, the Fizzer, Larry O'Toole, Mr Ward 25 December 1927

  • turkeys, Paddy (Australian Aboriginal man), Cabbage (Australian Aboriginal man), Georges, boomerangs, bullroarer, stone knives, waddys, Mr Bonning, Banka, Mr Windly, ceremony, Mr Foggarty, medan skin, Timor cat, possum 26 December 1927. This item is restricted.

  • brolgas, turkeys, Mr Ward, Elsie Bonning, Bill Breathing 27 December 1927

  • Mr Drayton, Devils Marbles 28 December 1927

  • news clipping headed 'Last dry patch gets rain Jamestown to Flinders Ranges'' Adelaide Chronicle dated 2 July 1931

Tindale Tribes: Kukatja (NT).

CreatorDr William Delano Walker
ControlAA 357/4/8/14
Date Range01 December, 1927  -  02 July, 1931
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FormatsNewspaper Clippings, Diaries
Series AA357/04
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