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This series includes field note-books, sketches, notes, maps and other data relating to Weathersbee's archaeological fieldwork in South Australia (SA), Northern Territory (NT) and New South Wales {NSW}.

The series includes the following items:

  1. Notebook inscribed on first page 'Aboriginal camp sites Port Augusta - North West' by B and RDJ Weathersbee with details of sites recorded in the Port Augusta (SA) area and the artefacts collected from those sites. The notebook includes loose pages of artefact measurement tables and other miscellaneous notes, and relates to the period 1968-1969.

  2. Notebook inscribed on cover 'Weathersbee. September. Station Wagon. Flinders Ranges' with details of some archaeological sites including Dulkaninna, Willochra, Port Augusta, Port Germein, Black Point (Yorke Peninsula) and Mount Sturt Station (NSW). The notebook relates to work carried out between 1961 and 1964.

  3. Blue notebook, with mileages and child's sketches in red pen on first page. The notebook includes details of sites near Neuroodla Siding and notes and sketches of a possible Aboriginal stone arrangement on El Alamein Army base near Port Augusta (1967?). Some data was obtained in relation to this stone arrangement from an Aboriginal informant, Teddy Wonkey, and other Aboriginal people in Port Augusta, of Dieri, 'Arabunna' or 'Kukuta' descent, were also apparently questioned by Weathersbee.

  4. Notebook (with front cover missing) providing details of some sites from which artefacts were collected, including Willochra, Lyndhurst, Mundowdna, Angorichina, Panaramittee, Kopperamana, Dulkaninna, Wantapella (near Granite Downs), Cave Hill (Musgrave Range), Port Germein, Hallett Cove, Carrickalinga, Maslin's Beach, Black Point (Yorke Peninsula), Mount Burr, Mount Poole Station (NSW), and Mount Sturt Station (NSW). The notebook relates to work carried out between 1961 and 1967.

  5. Folder of notes, tables, correspondence and other material relating to Weathersbee's archaeological research at Waldeila, an Aboriginal campsite near McLaren Vale (SA). The folder includes a manuscript about the site that Weathersbee was writing at the time of his death.

  6. Folder of notes and photographs relating to a possible Aboriginal stone arrangement on El Alamein Army base, near Port Augusta, investigated by Weathersbee in September 1967. Folder includes some information on stone arrangements provided by Aboriginal informants including Mrs Rachel Brady (Dieri - Arabana), Alec Edwards (Dieri) and Teddy Wonkey, from south of the Musgrave Ranges.

  7. Several lists of sites in South Australia from which Weathersbee collected stone artefacts, with brief description of each site. An early list (1960?) has about 30 sites numbered with Roman numerals from I-XXX. Another list dated 21/8/1963 lists about 50 sites (numbered from I-XLII). A later list of 'sites worked by R.D.J and B. Weathersbee' lists about 100 sites (I-LXI and W59-W80). Sites include Willochra, Kanyaka, Lyndhurst, Port Augusta, Arcoona, Wantapella, Etadunna, Blaze's Well, Cooper Creek, Blackfellows' Cave (near Millicent) and Salt Creek (Coorong).

  8. Collection of 1:250,000 scale maps of South Australia - Kopperamana, Copley, Port Augusta andTorrens. The Port Augusta map has some faint pencil annotations. Collection also includes an older 1:1,000,000 scale map of Port Augusta, and two copies of a map of Hundred of Copley (near Port Augusta) with some pencil annotations.

  9. Proposed itineraries for fieldtrips, list of catering requirements etc.

  10. Folder of papers, including sketch map of sites in Normanville -Carrickalinga (SA) area and correspondence relating to discovery of human skeletal remains at El Alamein Army base in 1971.

  11. Handwritten notes on a talk given by Weathersbee on the methodology of stone artefact collecting.

  12. Pencil rubbings of stone tjuringa owned by Mr McKinnon of Mount Sturt Station (NSW). The tjuringa was said to have been connected with a murder trial in Alice Springs (NT) circa 1950-53.

  13. Plan of HMS Buffalo (proposed floating restaurant at Glenelg), dated April 1980.

  14. Text of an address given by Weathersbee on the methodology for his stone artefact collection from a site at Morphett Vale (SA).

  15. Handwritten notes by Weathersbee entitled 'A record of surface collections from four Aboriginal campsites in South Australia'.

  16. Handwritten notes of a lecture by Weathersbee on Aboriginal use of stone tools.

  17. Handwritten and typed notes by Weathersbee on Aboriginal stone artefact classification.

  18. Published paper by Weathersbee entitled 'Surface collecting on South Australian camp sites' from Journal of the Anthropological Society of South Australia, 5 (4), 1966, pp. 7-9.

  19. Artefact collection sheets for the various sites that the Weathersbees investigated in South Australia, Northern Territory and New South Wales (Sites I-LXIII and W62-69) between 1962-1969.

This series includes references to the following regions of South Australia:
Adelaide - Mount Lofty Ranges; South East; River Murray - Coorong; Yorke Peninsula; Flinders Ranges; Central East; North Central; North East; North West.

This series includes references to:
New South Wales; Northern Territory.

This series includes references to the following named groups:
Arabunna; Dieri; Kukuta.

These correspond to:
Tindale Tribes: Arabana; Dieri; Kokata.

These correspond to AIATSIS Language Groups:
Arabana; Dieri; Kokatha.

CreatorRodney Douglas James Weathersbee
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Date Range1961  -  1981
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Series AA362/01
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