Papers relating to Australian archaeological and anthropological research

Archive Collections / Rodney Douglas James Weathersbee / Series AA362/02 / Papers relating to Australian archaeological and anthropological research

This series includes published and unpublished reference materials collected by Weathersbee for research purposes.

The series includes the following items:

  1. Charles Pearcy Mountford (see AA 228), The living art of the Aborigines. Address to the National Art Gallery of Victoria. May 1964.

  2. CP Mountford, The beginning of the world. Unpublished manuscript. No date.

  3. Graeme Lloyd Pretty (see AA 255), The archaeology of Roonka: Human and environmental history of an Australian place. Abstract. C1981.

  4. Vern & Helen Tolcher (see AA 705), An archaeological assessment of the Moana Sand Dunes (1975).

  5. I Leggoe, Aboriginal involvement in Central Australian tourism - an economist's viewpoint c1973.

  6. Nicholas Peterson, Sacred sites and their ownership. No date.

  7. WC Dix A review of procedures taken to record and protect sites in Western Australia. 1972.

  8. G Armstrong, Current developments in Arnhemland. 1969.

  9. Prof. Thomas Draper Campbell (see AA 52) and PS Hossfeld (see AA 140), 'Aboriginal stone circles', Mankind 6(4), 1964, pp. 181-3.

  10. Australia's Aboriginal heritage. Information and education resources available in South Australia, South Australian Museum Educational Booklet No. 4. 1970.

  11. Robert Edwards (see AA 83), 'Natives by the River'Riverlander, May 1967, pp. 7-8, 25.

  12. DJ Mulvaney, 'The prehistory of the Australian Aborigine', Scientific American, March 1966, pp. 84-93.

  13. Miscellaneous brochures and articles on Aboriginal art.

  14. Papers on foreign archaeology and anthropology.

  15. Newspaper clippings.

CreatorRodney Douglas James Weathersbee
ControlAA 362/2/1-15
Date Range1964  -  1981
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Series AA362/02