Composite picture of Harold Chester

Composite picture is made up of one front-on and one profile portrait shot, and one full length shot next to a height measure, with writing on the top of the front-on and full-length shots. He is wearing a hat in the full-length shot. Involved in the Battle of Balaklava Aboriginal Gaol Riot in April 1925 (Information from T.Gara 2-2020). Back of photo reads 'Harold Chester S.A. 1/2 caste 5'5" '.

Previous Accession number 2225.

See also AA 400/1/58-62.
Tindale Tribes: Narangga.

CreatorAboriginal People, Portraits
ControlAA 400/1/57
Quantity 0.01cm,   1   Original
FormatsLoose Photographic Prints
Series AA400/1
Tindale Tribes: