Documentation relating to Campbell's archaeological investigations at Yuedumu.

  1. Exercise book marked "Yuedumu journal No 1 1952" including two 'Official flight log' cards from McMillan (Trans-Australia Airlines) Adelaide to Leigh Creek on 20 May 1952 and Leigh Creek to Oodnadatta 20 May 1952. The journal commenced Tuesday 20 May and finished Sunday 25 May.

  2. Correspondence to Mr Giese dated 28 April 1958 Yuedumu, Dr Beyron.

  3. Correspondence from Mr Giese dated 15 January 1959, Giles, Maralinga, Mr MacDougal, Ernabella, Giles, Warburton area, Prof. Abbie (AA 688), Yuedumu, Alice Springs, Darwin, Roper River, Victoria River, Davis Cup.

  4. Correspondence from Mr Giese dated 1 July 1959 Dr W Noble, Yuendumu, Supt. Egan, Tom Fleming, Darwin, CP Mountford (AA 228), Miss Mundt.

  5. Correspondence from Tom Fleming dated 3 July 1959 power supply, Mr Murray, Ted Egan, Mt Doreen, John Marriott, CP Mountford, 'So they do eat'.

  6. Correspondence to William Mc dated 6 July 1959 Yuendumu, MJB, Tom Fielding.

  7. Correspondence to Mr Giese dated 7 July 1959 Alice Springs, Yuendumu, Tom Fielding, Connellan, Mr Reade, Darwin, Katherine, xray.

  8. Correspondence from AC Archer dated 7 July 1959 Mr H Giese.

  9. Correspondence to Mr Busbridge dated 7 July 1959 Tom Fleming, Mr Egan, Prof. Horsnell, Peter Reade, Mrs Reade.

  10. Correspondence from dated 10 July 1959.

  11. Correspondence to William dated 18 July 1959 Tom Fleming, John Marriott.

  12. Correspondence to the Alice Springs Hotel dated 18 July 1959 Prof. TD Campbell, Prof. AM Horsnell, Mr JA Cran, Mr PC Reade, Yuendumu.

  13. Correspondence the Stationmaster Alice Springs dated 18 July 1959 Yuendumu, freight, Tom Fleming, Mr McCoy, John Marriott, Mr Partridge, Mr McEwin.

  14. Correspondence to Mr Egan dated 18 July 1959 Yuendumu, Mr McCoy, Tom Fleming, John Marriott, Mr Reade.

  15. Correspondence to Mr Egan undated Tom Fleming Yuendumu.

  16. Correspondence from Mr Giese dated 20 July 1959 Dr Webb, Anti-Tuberculosis Association of NSW, CP Mountford (AA 228), Dr Tippett.

  17. Correspondence from Tom Fleming dated 23 July 1959 Ted Egan, Mt Doreen, Mr Reade, Mr Busbridge.

  18. Correspondence from Ted Egan dated 24 July 1959 freight.

  19. Correspondence to Welfare Department dated 31 July 1959 Mrs Reade, Yuendumu.

  20. Correspondence to Mr Giese dated 31 July 1959 P Reide, xray, Dr Hargraves, Yuendumu, Watson Victor portable, CP Mountford.

  21. Correspondence from Tom Fleming dated 2 August 1959 freight, Mt Doreen.

  22. Correspondence Air mail envelope from Prof. CL de Jager, Pretoria. Accompanied by correspondence dated 25 August 1959 'Food and dental health. A study of some basic factors as seen in the Australian Aborigine".

  23. Correspondence to Prof. CL de Jager, Pretoria dated 19 September 1959.

  24. Correspondence from ME Althaus dated 19 April 1960 'So they did eat', 'Minyena's lost ground', 'In the beginning', Christopher William Althaus, Betty Althaus

  25. Manuscript diary entries dated 29 December to 16 January Yuendumu visit.

Tindale Tribes: Pintubi.

CreatorProfessor Thomas Draper Campbell
ControlAA 52/4/17 A-F
Date Range1952  -  1958
FormatsNewspaper Clippings, Loose Photographic Prints, Diaries
Series AA 52/04
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