Documentation relating to Campbell's archaeological investigations in the South-East of South Australia:

  1. All contained in a file cover 'The University of Adelaide, Degree and Diploma examinations, Bilney, GN dentistry, dental anatomy'.

  2. This item is Restricted. Written transcript from 'Royal Society return 61 p 114. Native songs of the SE of SA NB Tindale (AA 338) June 10, 1937' song of Watis fight. Potaruwutj people, Wati (Australian Aboriginal man), Kangarabalak, Naracorte, Kingston, Reedy Creek, Baukara, Parmpam.

  3. Notice of meeting of Museum Board 7 May 1959, Mr Womersley, Herbert Matthew Hale (AA 124).
    Pencil notes 'Protector of Aborigines report 10 August 1866, Mt Gambier, Smith (1880) pX, Conlon, Permillorm, Tolmer (1844), Angas' (undated).

  4. Correspondence to the District Council Millicent dated 3 April 1961 Cape Buffon Reserve area extension, Lake Bonney, Bevilaqua, Dr Hossfeld, Mr Brookman.

  5. News clipping The Sunday Mail dated 9 February 1963 Headline "Work starts on coast highway, Millicent" Rendelsham, Beachport, Robe, Kingston, Lake Bonney, Mr J Venning, Mr JB Hergstrom, John Hill, Mr Don Buick, Mr Bill Thompkins, Mr Jack Reynolds. Reverse Headline "Whiting move" Mr Brookman, Mr Bogg.

  6. News clipping uncited undated Headline "Cave bone find probe, Millicent Mr RRJ Taylor" marcupial rat, Lake Cave, Tantanoola, Prof. TD Campbell. Headline "Polio vaccine" HA Gregurke, JL Dwyer, DG Eldridge, WD Behenna, RH Somerville.

  7. Photographs of Australian Aborignal people.

  8. news clippings pasted onto plain paper The South Eastern Times dated 21 February 1947 Headline "Scientific study at Millicent" Dr TD Campbell, Prof. JB Cleland (AA 60), Mr NB Tindale (AA 338), Miss G Walsh, Mrs DA Casey, (AA 54), Mr R Keeble, Mr S Mitchell, Woakwine, Mt Burr, Reedy Creek, Mt Muirhead, Mt Graham, Lake Bonney, Canunda.

  9. Multiview panorama pasted to graph paper marked D Schulz photos taken from A' each marked with features.

  10. Foolscap flyer advertising "The pre-history of the South East of South Australia" at Lucindale 20 and 21 July 1963. Lercturers PWR Daw, Prof. TD Campbell, Dr PS Hossfeld.

  11. Four pages hand written notes listing photographs.

  12. 1 meter printout from depth measurement device marked "Fathoms. Commencing Penguin Island running to sea SW by S".

  13. Correspondence on Mt Hope letterhead from Archi to Bob dated 1 April 1969 attaching four cave sketches as follows: Lake George plan of level of cords signed CI McA 23 March 1969, Lake George section just outside front of shelter, Lake George section at XX, Lake George section at YY dated 24 March 1969.

  14. Two copies 27 page typescript "Theories and observations of the coastal lands between Cape Jaffa and Carpentiers Rocks, that part of the South East of South Australia named Terra Napoleon in 1802 by Baudin, the French navigator" signed T McCourt Burks Island Beachport. The Red Ridge, Nora Crena, NB Tindale (AA 338), Penguin Island, Mr Harrington, "old native camp sites on the red ridge" (Australian Aboriginal people), middens, Dr R Edwards (AA 83), A Macarthur, giant kangaroo tracks, skeletal remains, Steve McCourt, Bob Edwards, Euro Point, Mr Sprig, "Boandick tribe", K and H Bermingham, Nardo stone, Cocky Brown, Mr W Chambers, "Lanky (native name 'Canna' or 'Canis') ", Australian Aboriginal Man, Mr Belt, Mrs Smith, GF Angas, 'Savage life and scenes etc', TD Campbell (skeletal remains), Mr Lane, Beachport, 'roo skin cloaks', Kingston, Nelson

Tindale Tribes: Potaruwutj.

CreatorProfessor Thomas Draper Campbell
ControlAA 52/4/8 A-N
Date Range1929  -  1968
FormatsNewspaper Clippings, General Correspondence, Maps, Loose Photographic Prints
Series AA 52/04
Tindale Tribes: