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This item is restricted. Folder of correspondence between Cleland and Daisy Bates (1924-34; see AA 23) on various subjects including customs and lifestyle of the Aboriginal people at Ooldea such as ceremonies, cannibalism, language, material culture, effects of contact with European people along the east-west railway and migration of Aboriginal people into Ooldea from the Great Victoria Desert and the Musgrave, Mann and other mountain ranges of central Australia. In these letters there are references to rockholes and other watersources in the Great Victoria Desert including Boundary Dam, Wandunya (Waldana) and Bunja (Punthanna), references to Aboriginal people at Tarcoola, Immarna, Cook and other sidings along the East-West line and references to other sites in the far west including Pedinga, Eucla, Fowlers Bay, Gibraltar and Koonibba. Bates' letters include references to tribal groups including the Luritcha, Aranda, Wong-ga-I, Wirangu and Mirning. The letters also include references to other anthropologists such as Alfred Radcliffe-Brown (1881 - 1955), Dr Herbert Basedow (see AA 22) and Elkin (see AA 86). Note that there is additional Daisy Bates correspondence with Hale (see AA 124), Tindale (see AA 338) and other Museum staff in the Daisy Bates Collection. This folder also includes a letter from Edward Albert Colson (see AA 62) at Bloods Creek (SA) on 2 May 1932 providing some information on the 'Antergerina' and 'Pidgeontarra' tribes of the Musgrave Range area.

Tindale Tribes: Minang.

CreatorSir John Burton Cleland
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Date Range1924  -  1932
FormatsGeneral Correspondence
Series AA 60/02
Tindale Tribes: