Biographical material relating to Cooper

This series includes the following items:

  1. A profile of HM Cooper by Hans Mincham published in Friends of the South Australian Museum, No. 2, June 1966; an obituary by NB Tindale published in Mankind, 7 (1970); a tribute by NB Tindale (see AA 338) published in HM Cooper, M Kenny, and JM Scrymgour (see AA 897), Hallett Cove: a field guide, Adelaide, South Australian Museum, 1970. This was part of former Acc. No. 352.

  2. A mounted black and white photographic print, captioned on back: ' H. M. Cooper & T. Amtmanis, discussing stone implements from Port Wakefield, S. A. "Advertiser", Adelaide, 23 Jan. 1960'.

  3. A memo from HM Cooper to Robert Edwards (see AA 83) relating to implements, in particular stone artefacts, from Hallett Cove (South Australia). This was part of former Acc. No. 352.

  4. A letter of resignation by HM Cooper from his position as Honorary Curator of Anthropology at the South Australian Museum. 29 May 1969.

  5. A letter of resignation by HM Cooper from his honorary position as Inspector under the Aboriginal and Historic Relics Act. 1965. Enclosed is his identity card.

  6. A life membership certificate of The Anthropological Society of South Australia. 27 June 1966. Formerly Acc. No. 7.

  7. Papers from a folder marked 'Home': worksheets listing work locations including fieldwork and some other details from 2 January 1957 to 21 April 1969 (87 pages); details of 'Expenses incurred in earning the University of Adelaide Anthropological Research Grant' (17 pages); correspondence with the Taxation Office; correspondence with the University of Adelaide Board for Anthropological Research relating to a grant for work at Hallett Cove; loose notes; salary slips from the University of Adelaide; a cardboard advertisement for musicians for the Royal Australian Navy band, used on both sides as a drawing surface.

  8. Newspaper clippings and other printed material. These include: newspaper cuttings relating to trains and ships; a page of advertisements and public notices in the South Australian Register dated 18 December 1874; a 1936 facsimilie of the 1837 proclamation by Governor Hindmarsh relating to 'protection of the Native Population'. These were part of former Acc. No. 9, and Acc. No. 11.

  9. Miscellaneous notes, including train orders and notes on accounts. This was part of former Acc. No. 12.

This series contains references to the following region of South Australia: Adelaide - Mount Lofty Ranges.

CreatorHarold More Cooper
ControlAA 64/1/1-9
Date Range02 January, 1957  -  01 January, 1970
Quantity 3cm,     papers
FormatsGeneral Correspondence, Loose Notes
Series AA64/01