Tracings and illustrations of South Australian rock carvings and rock paintings

Archive Collections / Harold More Cooper / Series AA64/11 / Tracings and illustrations of South Australian rock carvings and rock paintings

This series includes the following items:

  1. Numerous tracings of rock carvings and rock paintings on loose sheets of tracing paper, most of which have at some point been folded. Those which have locations marked have been sorted and stored in groups according to those locations; those without locations are also grouped. Locations identified include: Yappala Ranges, Mount Chambers Gorge, Oratunga Creek, Willowie Creek, Burra, and Marree, all in South Australia. Most tracings are large format; there is a small number of half-size tracings. Some of these items have previously been assigned A:I numbers. This material includes items which were formerly Acc. Nos. 68 and 469-479.

  2. Large format illustrations of rock art in ink, unbound, stored in folder. Eight illustrations are marked: 'Willowie Creek, 25 September 1963'. One is marked: 'Hammond, S. E.'

  3. 'S. A. Native Rock Paintings and Rock Carvings, from natural size tracings made during 1936-57'. Large format bound volume of 59 pages of illustrations finished in ink, with contents page at the front which identifies each page by location. Locations include: Yappala Ranges, Mount Chambers Gorge, Wertaloona, Wirrealpa, Oratunga, Marree, Burra and Orroroo, all in South Australia.

  4. Twelve ink illustrations of rock art at the following locations: Yappala Ranges, Breckneck Creek, Willowie Creek (8), Pekina Creek (2), all in South Australia. Formerly Acc. Nos. 457 to 468; A:I Nos. 5:1 to 5:12.

  5. 'Rock Carvings Boorloo Creek Callanna Station Marree', one loose large format sheet of illustrations. Formerly Acc. No. 1683.

  6. 'Aboriginal Rock Carvings Upper Wepowie Creek Pekina District South Australia. Natural Size tracings'. Large cardboard sleeve containing 14 large format illustrations finished in ink, 13 relating to Upper Wepowie Creek and one relating to Pekina Creek, Orrooroo. Both sites are in South Australia. Note that tracings are attributed to HE Burrows. Related material may be found in the Burrows Collection: AA 45/1 and AA 45/2.

This series contains references to the following regions of South Australia: North East; Flinders Ranges; Central East; Adelaide - Mount Lofty Ranges.

CreatorHarold More Cooper
ControlAA 64/11/1-6
Date Range1936  -  1965
Quantity 9cm,     numerous tracings, 95 illustrations
Series AA64/11