Drafts, notes, vocabulary lists, research papers and correspondence relating to the publication Australian Aboriginal Words

Archive Collections / Harold More Cooper / Series AA64/05 / Drafts, notes, vocabulary lists, research papers and correspondence relating to the publication Australian Aboriginal Words

This series includes the following items:

  1. A copy of HM Cooper, Australian Aboriginal Words and their meanings, Fourth Edition, 1962, Adelaide, South Australian Museum. Inscribed 'John K. Ling' (see AA 871).

  2. Corrected proofs of the fourth edition of Australian Aboriginal Words and their meanings. Two copies. Formerly Acc. No. 43.

  3. Forty-nine foolscap pages, roughly bound with cardboard ends and pins, containing handwritten and typescript vocabulary in rough alphabetical order by 'Aboriginal' word. On the inside front cover is a key to sources. Formerly Acc. No. 42.

  4. Folder: 'Proposed List of Words for The Aboriginal Word Book 4th Edition' dated June 1961. Contains 87 foolscap pages, handwritten, of vocabulary, and a 95 page typescript draft of the book including introduction. Note on front of folder: 'Includes about 1000 new words. 3000 words'. Formerly Acc. No. 44.

  5. 'Additional words for proposed 4th edition of the aboriginal word book. Some were omitted in final m.s.'. Three handwritten pages of words, 42 typed pages of words in alphabetical order by 'Aboriginal' word. Formerly Acc. No. 39.

  6. Vocabulary list relating to birds. One page of handwritten vocabulary with 'Aboriginal' words and English, 80 pages of typewritten vocabulary which shows 'Aboriginal' word, English meaning, region or 'tribe' and source. Formerly Acc. No. 47.

  7. Vocabulary list, 20 pages, typescript, showing 'Aboriginal' words and English. Formerly Acc. No. 40.

  8. Vocabulary list, 25 pages, typescript, showing 'Aboriginal' words, English, region or 'tribe' and source. Some annotations in pencil by Cooper. Formerly Acc. No. 41.

  9. Vocabulary list, 32 pages, typescript, showing 'Aboriginal 'words, English, region and, in most cases, source. Formerly Acc. No. 46.

  10. List of place names. Two pages of place names, typescript, in English, marked 'Found on Pastoral Sheets and Hd [Hundred] Plans, when compiling a nomenclatural list of South Australian aboriginal place names. South Australia, H. M. C., 1958'. The list comprises interesting place names such as 'Appendicitis Dam', 'Home Rule Bore' and 'Dead Horse Camp'. Formerly Acc. No. 45.

  11. 'Aboriginal Meanings - Arnheim Land Tribe' annotated in handwriting 'Coburg Peninsula Tribe Cape Don Region N. T.' Three page vocabulary list showing 'Coburg [Cobourg] Peninsula Tribe' and English words.

  12. Vocabulary list, one page, showing 'Aboriginal' word, English, region and source.

  13. Notebook, indexed, 'Officer's Address Book' in pencil on cover. Some pages contain name and address entries. The first five pages of the book have been re-used for notes and vocabulary. This item was No. 59 of the items purchased by the South Australian Museum from Cooper's library in 1970.

  14. Newspaper cuttings. One cutting listing 'Australian Native Words'. Four cuttings referring to the publication of Australian Aboriginal Words. These four cutting were part of Former Acc. No. 9.

  15. Correspondence and internal South Australian Museum memos dating from the mid 1980s relating to a proposed revised edition of Australian Aboriginal Words. The material indicates that Carol Houston prepared index cards based on Cooper's work in preparation for a revised edition, and that the project was not proceeded with.

  16. 'English/Aboriginal words. Based on the work of the late H. M. Cooper'. 280 handwritten pages, vocabulary listing English and 'Aboriginal' word in alphabetical order by English word. Probably compiled by WA Pretty.

  17. 'Australian Aboriginal Words. English - Aboriginal. Compiled by W. A. Pretty from the work by H. M. Cooper'. Typed vocabulary listing English and 'Aboriginal' word in alpabetical order by English word. Appears to be a typed version of the handwritten vocabulary above.

  18. Three boxes of index cards of 'Aboriginal' words and English in alphabetical order. This appears to be the 'Australian Aboriginal Words and their Meanings' card file prepared by Carol Houston in 1983.

Note that there are three drawers containing 'Australian Aboriginal Words, H. M. Cooper, 1957' in the NB Tindale Collection (see AA 338/7/2/53-55).

This series contains references to the Northern Territory.

CreatorHarold More Cooper
ControlAA 64/5/1-18
Date Range1958  -  1984
Quantity 70cm,   4   1 1.1 box, 3 3.1 boxes
FormatsBooks, Notebooks, Loose Notes
Series AA64/05