1. Slide missing, note marked "Pauls (Albrecht, see AA 707) wedding at marker Snowy Mountains water"

  2. Wedding photograph marked "Paul (Albrecht, See AA 707) and Helen

  3. Garden marked "Potato fields with old school in distance"

  4. No immage on slide, marked "East's emergency works Alice Springs"

  5. Unidentified Australian Aboriginal woman and child

  6. Landscape marked "Sunset over Gillen from Anzac Hill"

  7. Man and car marked "Keith Cable at Alice Springs"

  8. Group photograph marked "Hermannsburg. Erohenung den nuen hospitals"

  9. Group photograph marked "Church picnic Tele station"

  10. Two children marked "Stephen and Carol Branston"

  11. Group photograph men seated at tables

  12. Map of Australia

  13. Part of set "No. 61. Eucumbene Dam and Lake Eucumbene"

  14. Part of set "No. 65. Tumut Pond Dam"

  15. Part of set "No. 78. Murray 1 power station and pipeline under construction"

  16. Part of set "No. 79. Diagrammic section: Snowy-Murray development, Snowy-Tumut development"

  17. Part of set "No. 80. Area map: the Snowy Mountains Scheme"

  18. Part of set "No. 89. Tumut Pond Dam under snow"

  19. Part of set "No. 90. School children at Cabramurra"

  20. Landscape marked "A field of ripening rye near Hermannsburg Germany"

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/109/10
Quantity   20   35x50 mm color slides
Series AA 662/109