1. Two Australian Aboriginal men marked "Top of Ayres Rock"

  2. Landscape marked "Ernabell church and school"

  3. Landscape 3 men with cross marked "Memorial for 90th anniversary of founding of Hermannsburg Mission"

  4. Group photograph marked "Re enactment of 1st missionary digging well in Sandy Creek"

  5. Group photograph marked "5 pastors present. Rev. Petering, Radke, Raberaba (Australian Aboriginal man), Patel (Australian Aboriginal man), Peter (Australian Aboriginal man)"

  6. Group photograph marked "Dedictation of bell tower"

  7. Closeup marked "View from the side"

  8. Group photograph marked "Neutral Junction house, shower, bed"

  9. Group photograph marked "People at Aningie church"

  10. Group photograph marked "Dedictation of new church at Hbg"

  11. Group photograph marked "Pastor Leske, Paul Albrecht (See AA 707) with elders Aningie"

  12. Interior unidentified church

  13. Portrait unidentified Australian Aboriginal girl

  14. Unidentified couple on church steps

  15. Unidentified group of buildings

  16. Interior unidentified church

  17. Unidentified woman with Australian Aboriginal children

  18. Unidentified girl

  19. Unidentified Australian Aboriginal children

  20. Group photograph unidentified Australian Aboriginal children

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/109/6
Quantity   20   35x50 mm color slides
Series AA 662/109