'Journeying with Missionary F. W. Albrecht in 1939'

The Expedition is Planned; The Journey Begins; The Benefit of Wireless; The Unruly Camel; Shades of Lasseter; The Desert of Dry Bones; Areyonga Established

People, objects and/or organisations mentioned: Pastor JG Haussmann, Mr TGH Strehlow (See AA 316), Rev. H Taylor, Roy Edwards, Mr Ossie Heinrich, Dr C Duguid (See AA 79), Mrs Daisy Bates (See AA 23), the Pitjentjara people, Palinkana, CH Schulz, LK Luestner, Pastor O Juul

Places mentioned: Peterman Ranges (NT), Darwin (NT), Crown Land, Ooldea (SA), Jay Creek (NT), Ernabella (SA), Mt Connor (NT), Ayers Rock (NT), Haasts Bluff (NT), Broken Hill (NSW), Mt Curdie (NT), Docker River (NT), Gata Pata, Adelaide (SA)

Tindale Tribes: Pitjandjara.

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/27/30/1/12
Date Range1939  -  1939
Quantity 0.1cm,   12   Correspondence pages
Series AA 662/027
Tindale Tribes: