From Albrecht to Riedel


Connection of welfare and religious work; the attempt to put a small industry into operation; the illnesses on the station; one of the helpers wanting to be a heathen again; the Pitjandjara people; statistical data.

People, objects and/or organisations mentioned: Miss Wurst (See AA 674), Rolf (Australian Aboriginal man), William (Australian Aboriginal man)

Places mentioned: Jay Creek (NT), Alice Springs (NT), Hermannsburg (NT)

Tindale Tribes: Pitjandjara.

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/29/2/1/3
Date Range13 January, 1941  -  13 January, 1941
Quantity 0.1cm,   3   Correspondence pages
FormatsGeneral Correspondence
Series AA 662/029
Tindale Tribes: