Statistics of Christians, births etc. Report on staff and developments at Hermannsburg including unsuccessful water boring, installation of elecrtic light, craft activities and sale of Arrernte art works, statistics from the dispensary. Haasts Bluff report: Pechs in charge, Building works, wireless, boring, landing strip for Flying Doctor planes, Arrernte helpers not much use. Areyonga under Pastor Scherer, building work, garden, Pitjandjara people learning Arrernte, helpers doing a good job.

People, objects and/or organisations mentioned: Miss Wurst (See AA 674), Mona Kennedy, Mr Roberts, Mr Wurst, Mr Latz (See AA 778), Mr LA Borgelt (See AA 821), Mr Rieger, Mr and Mrs Pech, Mr Droegemueller, Epafras (Australian Aboriginal man), Titus (Australian Aboriginal man), Pastor Scherer, Wilfrid (Australian Aboriginal man), Peter (Australian Aboriginal man), Alexander (Australian Aboriginal man).

Places mentioned: Hermannsburg (NT), Haasts Bluff (NT), Areyonga (NT)

Tindale Tribes: Pitjandjara, Aranda.

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/35/32
Date Range31 December, 1947  -  31 December, 1947
Quantity   6   Correspondence pages
Series AA 662/035