From Albrecht to Reuther

Trip to Alice Springs to see government officials and to clean up the mission block and provide shelters for Arrernte living there. Government has agreed to take over the 'Graetz' block which the mission owns and add it to the mission lease. Prefers not to use proffered financial support as this leads to more government control. Report on Aranda Arts Council and artists' earnings. Changes in nursing and other staff.

People, objects and/or organisations mentioned: Mr Adams, Bruce Fly (Australian Aboriginal man), Jack Miller (Australian Aboriginal man), Elias (Australian Aboriginal man), Anton Abbott (Australian Aboriginal man), Harry Taylor, Mr McCoy, Dr Welton, Mr Moy, Mr Hasluck, Mrs Battarbee (See AA 663), Mr Simpson, Albert Namatjira (Australian Aboriginal man, See AA 229), Sr Dommenz, Sr Schneider, Sr Klein, Mrs Shwedes, Miss Edna Graetz, Pastor Scherer, Ted Rieschick, Ivan Borgelt, Voigts.

Places mentioned: Alice Springs (NT), Hermannsburg (NT), Millingimbi (NT), Areyonga (NT)

Tindale Tribes: Aranda.

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/39/33
Date Range29 June, 1951  -  29 June, 1951
Quantity   2   Correspondence pages
FormatsGeneral Correspondence
Series AA 662/039
Tindale Tribes: