Finke River Mission Newsletter vol 2 no. 1

Report on conference on Aboriginal employment. Pages 3-4 missing.

Resumes on page 5 with report on Haasts Bluff: women's baptism class, men's baptism class. School enrolments in Central Australia listed. Thanks for Christmas cheer. Last 2 pages seem to be from a different report about the Pitjantjatjara and Ernabella.

People, objects and/or organisations mentioned: Mrs Les Wilson, Sr Ida Wurst, Pastor and Mrs Pech, Pastor Scherer, Tilly (Australian Aboriginal woman), Wamantjuri (Australian Aboriginal woman, daughter of Yaragula), Lotty (Australian Aboriginal woman, Nelly (daughter of Talbolba), Nlalunta (Australian Aboriginal man), Mechalala (daughter of Kamutu, Australian Aboriginal woman), Embari (Australian Aboriginal woman), Anniuna (Australian Aboriginal woman, daughter of Pantematta), Nenta (Australian Aboriginal woman) and Tjulatta (Australian Aboriginal man) from Pitjentjara, Imuna (Australian Aboriginal woman, Stephen's wife) Amuna (Australian Aboriginal woman, Hezekiel's wife), Colin (Australian Aboriginal man), William (Australian Aboriginal man, brother of Ray/Raulta), Teddy Boy (Australian Aboriginal man, brother of Tarara), Wantetana (Australian Aboriginal man, son of Waweritjokurpa), Bullen (Australian Aboriginal man, nephew of Tjonkatu and widowed husband of Constance), Kamutu (called Cabbage, Australian Aboriginal man), Tjokie (Son of Kenta, Australian Aboriginal man), Peter (Australian Aboriginal man, at Areyonga), Mukukura (Australian Aboriginal man, son of the later Taliwera), Pipetana (Australian Aboriginal man, from Tjebarku mob), Johnnie (Australian Aboriginal man, a Nalia, brother of Yala) and Norman (Australian Aboriginal man, an Unmatjera boy), Mr and Mrs Althaus, Mr Truedinger, Mr and Mrs Ward, Br Borgelt (See AA 821), Gamaliel (Australian Aboriginal man), Martin (Australian Aboriginal man).

Places mentioned: Alice Springs (NT), Haasts Bluff (NT), Popanje bore (NT), Areyonga (NT), Hermannsburg (NT), Jay Creek (NT), The Bungalow (NT), Yuendumu Philips Creek (NT), Hatches Creek (NT), Narwietooma (NT), Murray Downs (NT), Henbury (NT)

Tindale Tribes: Pitjandjara; Anmatjera.

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/42/2
Date Range01 March, 1955  -  01 March, 1955
Quantity   6   Correspondence pages
Series AA 662/042
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