Record of proceedings of the 37th FRM, Field Conf, Hermannsburg

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Missionary Conference.

People, objects and/or organisations mentioned: Rev. FW Albrecht, PA Scherer, LW Kalleske, PGE Albrecht (See AA 707), H Leditschke, B Jaeschke, V Jaensch, N Hueppauff, G Stoll, C Jericho, M Perry, B Paech, M Jenke, H Albrecht, M Hentschke, M Bertelsmeier, Esther Simpfendorfer, Elizabeth Simpfendorfer, V Roocke, B Fletcher, Sr R Kuchel, Mrs R Jaenschke, W Petering, Mrs Magdalena Hentschke, Sr Rosemary Kutchel, Mr Colin Jericho, Miss Bernice Fletcher, Nurse Elfrieda Wallent, Pastor B Muetzelfeldt, Bill Pennan, Walter (Australian Aboriginal man) and Joshua Ebatarinja (Australian Aboriginal man), Patrick Palbanjka (Australian Aboriginal man), Russell Inkamala (Australian Aboriginal man), Henoch Raberaba (Australian Aboriginal man), Enos Namatjira (Australian Aboriginal man), Benjamin Ebatarinja (Australian Aboriginal man), Landera (Australian Aboriginal man), Basil Rontji (Australian Aboriginal man), John Ungwanaka (Australian Aboriginal man), Allan Abbott (Australian Aboriginal man), Mr Doring, Sr M Michelsen, Br Latz (See AA 778), 'The need for a native evangelists training school in the Finke River Mision,' The Adelaide Potters Club, W Juettner, W Haines

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/50/8
Date Range10 May, 1960  -  11 May, 1960
Quantity   4   Correspondence pages
FormatsGeneral Correspondence
Series AA 662/050