'Changes in Missionary policy in the Finke River Mission.'

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Dates and people/organisations mentioned in the story. The Lutheran, Paul G Albrecht (See AA 707), missionaries do not attend Aboriginal ceremonies with religious significance, no control over circumcision, Alke Cameron (Australian Aboriginal man), Albert Namatjira (Australian Aboriginal man, See AA 229), alcoholism, Manangananga, Old Moses (Australian Aboriginal man), Augus (Australian Aboriginal man), Abel (Australian Aboriginal man), imperrium, Robert Arnold, Peter Bullah (Australian Aboriginal man), tjuringa, Joyleen Abbott (Australian Aboriginal woman), school fragmentisation, Rev. P Pfitzner, Konrad Raberaba (Australian Aboriginal man), Colin Malbanka (Australian Aboriginal man), ideology, Aranda people.

Other copies; perhaps draft, amended or published, or in German (AA 662/87), may be available in the various correspondence series.

Tindale Tribes: Aranda.

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/86/2/4
Date Range01 September, 1976  -  01 September, 1976
Quantity   3   Correspondence pages
Series AA 662/086