'Can the Aboriginal be assimilated'

Small green 16 page booklet subtitle "The Aboriginal and the Australian Community" by Arthur F Ellemore, Methodist Overseas Missions.

Headline: 'Will the Aboriginal race persist in Australia', photograph Australian Aboriginal children. Headline 'The protective policy', map of North Australia. Headline: 'Qualities akin to European', Headline 'Economic assimilation attainable', photograph two Goulburn Island women, Rev. AHM Ellison, photograph Aboriginal craft work. Headline 'Political assimilation also'. Headline: 'Social assimilation'. Headline: 'Cultural assimilation', photograph 3 Aboriginal men, Lazarus (Australian Aboriginal man, Goulburn Island), B'dabga (Australian Aboriginal man, Elcho Island), and Jackie Baraldjo (Australian Aboriginal man, Milingimbi). Headline: 'The christian fellowship'

CreatorPastor Friedrich Wilhelm Albrecht
ControlAA 662/86/2/8a
Date Range14 November, 1956  -  14 November, 1956
Quantity   1   Booklet
Series AA 662/086